Repeated questions
Learn to Download Smart Fx Machine

First Login to Smart FX Machine


Learn how to work Smart fx machine Trading-platform. Login, Change parameters etc.
  1. manual   Login
  2. manual   Get a Demo account and SAT-KEY
  3. manual   Trade a Real account
  4. manual   Choose risk level
  5. manual   Upgrade licence panel
  6. manual   Upgrade licence dialogue
  7. manual   Payment dialogue
  8. manual   Payment
  9. manual   Update version
  10. manual   Compare deposit to equity .
  11. manual   Composition of the portfolio .
  12. manual   Receive email notifications .
  13. manual   Brokers report .
  14. manual   System sound .
  15. manual   Graph system
  16. WATCH FIRST LOG-IN, by pictures.
    manual   manual  

Repeated questions:

  1. Q: "How do i choose strategies?"
    A: The platform is 100% automatic. You just start it and it does all trades + strategies.
    You can not choose from them.

  2. Q: "How do i know which strategies are being used?"
    A: All strategies are complete secret. They are a new invention and give you advantage on the regular trader.

  3. Q: "Is a FREE DEMO account available?"
    A: Yes. Download the Trading platform and register from it. Download

  4. Q: "Do i need to use another software to trade?"
    A: No. Forget all abut other trading platforms. This one includes all you need (and even more).

  5. Q: "Do you guarantee a monthly profit?"
    A: Markets move in a wave that can complete a set of transitions at any time period.

  6. Q: "Is there a risk of losing all the money in the account?"
    A: Not all the eggs are being put in the same basket. Many safety methods are are in practice, not to risk more than 10% of the account at any given moment.

  7. Q: "What about technical problems like computer crash, connection problems..?"
    A: Technical issues are part of our every day life, concerning human trader or software. All trading platforms, automated or operated by individuals, are subjected to the reliability of third parties and suppliers, such as: hardware, software, network communications, electricity, brokerage. Please read more about: Risk warning.

  8. Q: "Who is watching my money, who is the broker, is it a regulated account?"
    A: FXCM is US/UK regulated brokerage firm. Their company is traded in the New-York stock exchange. Please read more: Learn about the broker.

  1. Login

  2. manual
    In order to login to the trading software you need to:
    • Select between Demo/Real account.
    • Fill in your account number and password (provided by the broker).
    • Fill in your SAT-KEY (provided by Smart fx machine).
    • Check 'accept the license agreement'.
    • Check 'Remember login'. (optional)
      If you check 'Remember login', the computer will 'remember' all parameters, except the password.
    • Click login button.
    • In some windows definitions, the selection part might appear black. Just move over with the mouse and the DEMO/REAL words will appear.

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  3. Get a Demo account and SAT-KEY.

  4. manual
    In order to Get a Demo account you need to:
    • Select Demo account.
    • Click button 'need a FREE DEMO...' and follow instructions.
    • After getting account number. Fill in your Demo account number (provided by the broker).
    • Click button 'Get Demo Sat...' and follow instructions.
    • After getting SAT-KEY. Fill in your SAT-KEY (provided by Smart fx machine).

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  5. Trade a Real account.

  6. manual
    In order to Trade a Real account you need to:
    • Select Real account.
    • Fill in the amount of money you deposit in the account. (see example of 11161.25).
    • Fill in the amount of commission (in pips).
      (Tip: you can fill 4.5 if you want minimum gain of 4.5 pips when you sell).
    • Fill in the Maximum spread (in pips) that you are willing to pay for a trade.
      If you check 'Remember login', the computer will 'remember' all parameters, except the password.
    • Continue to log in.

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  7. Choose risk level.

  8. manual
    Some risk levels are available in the trade:
    • Select 32 For the lowest risk level.
    • Select 12 For the highest risk level.
    • After selecting, confirm a yes/no message box.

    • (Choosing a high risk level will result in a more volatile trade pattern).
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  9. Upgrade licence panel.

  10. manual
    The SAT-KEY(user licence)serve individual account.
    (One licence per one account. Real or Demo require both licences).
    A Demo licence is FREE, however it is limited to trade up to 55,000 USD
    and has to be renewed every month.
    A Real account SAT-KEY is limited to trade up to 55,000 USD, but can be renewed for up to 12 months at a time.
    Trading a bigger amount of money requires one more account and a purchase of another SAT-KEY.
    • Click the 'Upgrade licence' button to start the 'Upgrade licence dialogue'.

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  11. Upgrade licence dialogue.

  12. manual
    • Choose the Maximum amount of money you wish to manage (up to 55000).
    • Choose the number of months you wish to manage the account (up to 12 months).
    • Remember the Pin code (changes every 10 minutes).
    • Click to open the Payment dialogue (will open in your internet browser).

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  13. Payment dialogue (opens in your internet browser).

  14. manual
  15. Payment.

  16. manual
    Your request by this time is recorded in the system.
    Clicking the 'PayNoy' button will complete the process.
    A Demo account will be directed to a Demo approval page and can start trading.
    A Real account will be directed to a PayPal payment. Trading will be permitted only after PayPal approval.
  17. Update version.

  18. manual
    From time to time a new version is available for upgrade.
    Pop up message indicates that.
    Upgrade is a must and not an option.
    • Click 'Update' to start the automatic process.

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  19. Compare deposit to equity, Pie chart.

  20. manual
    In this pie chart you can see the change of the account balance, compared to the original deposit.
    The blue slice is the starting point of the account (the original deposit).
    The green slice is the current value of the account (the equity, includes open positions as well).
  21. Composition of the portfolio.

  22. manual
    In this bar chart you can see the current composition of the portfolio.
  23. Receive email notifications.

  24. manual
    In this panel you can actually set the Trading Platform to send you notifications
    about the account state. To avoid SPAM and system abuse, the trick is that you send the email to yourself, using
    your own 'Gmail' account.
    Tip: You can open a new 'Gmail' account for that matter.
    • Choose the frequency of emails sent to you. (20 minutes, 60 minutes, 3 hours).
    • Fill in your 'Gmail' user name and password.
    • Check the check box.
    • Click to send Test Mail.

  25. Brokers report.

  26. manual
    Click to get Brokers report.
  27. System sound.

  28. manual
    Click to start/stop System sound.
    The default is Sound-off.
  29. Dynamic graph.

  30. manual
    Click GRAPH button.
    Choose 1 minute to 300 days candle. Choose the currency pair. Dynamic chart will start.

Please notice: Trading foreign exchange should be carefully planed. Any trading on margin carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. The high degree of leverage can work against you as well as for you. Before deciding to trade foreign exchange you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite. Please be aware that a possibility exists that you could sustain a loss of some or all of your initial investment and therefore you should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose. You should be aware of all the risks associated with foreign exchange trading, and seek advice from an independent financial advisor if you have any doubts.